Established in 1999, CRM Brokers are experienced insurance brokers specialising in strata insurance placements of all sizes, Australia-wide.


We have developed Strata Direct Insurance to provide Lot Owners and Strata Committee members with a simple solution to obtain well-priced insurance proposals combined with the experience you would expect from a leading Australian insurance broker.


Not only will we source the right premium and policy for you, but in the event of a claim, our in-house claims team will take your notification and follow it through from beginning to end.


Insurance is not just about premium saving. It is about saving you when you need the policy to respond. It is about working with you as a team.


To view the Strata Direct Insurance proposal, click here. Alternatively to speak to a CRM Broker, feel free to contact us on 1300 880 494.

Strata Insurance will cover the following

Loss or damage to the building
Loss or damage to fixtures and fittings in common areas e.g. lifts, swimming pools or driveways
Loss or damage to contents in common areas
Common area liability

Why choose CRM Brokers?

A dedicated team of experienced brokers on your side with the ability to provide high quality, well-priced strata insurance proposals. Our proposal packages combine excellent coverage with market-competitive rates.
In the event of a claim, our in-house claims team is on your side to help ensure a high standard of accuracy when dealing with insurers and discussing potential issues and claims.
CRM Brokers is a Strata Community Australia (NSW) Strata Specialist Company, having proven a sound knowledge and commitment to working within strata schemes, community schemes and company title building.

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To view the Strata Direct insurance questionnaire, click here. At any stage during the proposal, a CRM Broker can be contacted on 1300 880 494 to assist you.