Don’t be in the Dark on Privacy

Don’t be in the Dark on Privacy

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an annual initiative run by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

The annual event highlights the importance of protecting personal information, and helps organisations, agencies and the public navigate the privacy landscape.

For organisations and agencies, it’s a reminder to review privacy practices and policies and educate their staff about information handling obligations.

This year’s message is “Don’t be in the Dark on Privacy”, and explores a series of privacy priorities including Data Breaches, Online Security, Your Credit, Health Information and Your Data.

Data Breaches: Act quickly to reduce the risk of harm from a data breach. Does your business have a data breach response guide?
Data breach preparation and response guide

Online Security: rotect yourself and safeguard your passwords.
• The ‘Essential Eight Explained

Your Credit Information: heck your credit report for free once a year.
• How to get your credit report and other fact sheets

Health Information: haring your health information is your choice
Privacy and the My Health Record system

Your data: Be aware of what you share
Ten tips to protect your customers’ personal information

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