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Company Name: ACDC Testing & Assessing
Industry: Electrical Testing
Activity: Testing Assessing & Failure Analysis
Contact Name: Kurt Adler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 848 626

About Us:
ACDC specialises in electrical testing and failure analysis and can assist you when you have suffered a loss and you are placed in the position of having to make a claim against your Insurance Policies.

Company Name: AMPAC Debt Recovery Pty Ltd

Industry: Finance
Activity: Debt Recovery
Contact Name: Russell Carey
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 426 722
Website: www.4ampac.com.au

Online Brochure: Click here

About Us:
AMPAC is a fully licensed, Australian owned and operated debt recovery agency. AMPAC uses the latest in voice recording and payment management technology designed to give clients a clear advantage in the debt recovery process.

Company Name: Annabell Commercial Property Services

Industry: Cleaning
Activity: Cleaning and Property Maintenance
Contact Name: Anna Bell
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0425 313 698

About Us:
Annabell Commercial Property Services is a strata cleaning and maintenance business that provides the highest standard of common area cleaning, property maintaince services, painting services, lawn mowing, gardening and window cleaning as well as caretaking services. We have been in business since 1979 starting in the commercial office cleaning and expanding to strata cleaing and maintenance

Company Name: BankVault

Industry: Cyber Security
Activity: BankVault Stops Bank Account Hacking. It secures online transactions by creating invisible endpoint devices which bypass hackers.
Contact Name: Graeme Speak
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 9481 4010
Website: www.BankVaultOnline.com

About Us:
Hackers stole $1 Billion from Australian businesses last year.
Their goal is the money in your bank account via your PC/Smartphone.
Banking Fob/SMS’s are easily defeated. Bank investigation’s delay compensation with dire consequences for cash flow.
BankVault is simple technology that stops bank account hacking. It secures online transactions by creating invisible endpoints that bypass hackers.

Company Name: Bannermans Lawyers

Industry: Legal
Activity: Strata & Property Law
Contact Name: David Bannerman
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9929 0226
Website: www.bannermans.com.au

About Us:
Bannermans Lawyers is Sydney’s leading strata law firm. We provide comprehensive, specialised legal services for the strata industry, the construction industry and the insurance industry.

Company Name: BIV Reports

Industry: Valuers and Building Inspectors and Property Reports
Activity: Strata compliant building insurance valuations and Capital Works Fund Plans, WH&S Compliant Safety and Asbestos Reporting, Risk Management Reporting
Contact Name: Shane Foley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9114 9800
Website: www.biv.com.au

Online Brochure: Click here

About Us:
With over 25 year’s valuation experience; we service NSW, ACT and VIC by providing expert Capital Works/Maintenance Fund Plans, OH&S & WH&S (safety) Reports, Building Insurance Valuations and Asbestos Reports (includes a register and management plan).

Our Reports are in fact Easy to Read as well as realistic and practical.

Trades Monitor Con Id 123642, $5m PI, including all commercial, retail, industrial and residential strata property; Service to country Areas (no travel fees), CBD and major project specialists ie World Tower, leading and independent expert witness on strata easement cases, property advice, entitlement/liability applications, QUICK QUOTES – returned rapidly. 24hr turnaround when required.

Company Name: BPS Strata Maintenance

Industry: Building, Plumbing, All Trades
Activity: Strata & Insurance Restoration
Contact Name: Elaine Fin
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 724 814
Website: www.bpsstrata.com.au

About Us:
Founded in 1978, BPS have solely specialised in strata and insurance restoration work providing a complete one call service to the strata industry.

In the event of a Fire, Storm, Water Damage, Impact Damage, Burst Pipe, Glass or Vandalism – contact our office so our team of tradesmen, supervisors and project managers can carry out all aspects of insurance work with the aim of minimising loss and stress.

Company Name: Cunningham Lindsey Australia

Industry: Insurance
Activity: Loss adjusting and claim management
Contact Name: Mark Barbarich
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9934 5000
Website: www.cunninghamlindsey.com/au/

About Us:
We are one of the leading global loss adjusting and claim management companies. We offer a unique blend of stability, innovation and technical ability across a variety of disciplines.

Company Name: Eastgate Enterprises

Industry: Finance
Activity: Tax & Accounting
Contact Name: Robert Walker
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0414 342 114
Website: www.eastgateenterprises.com.au

About Us:
Eastgate Enterprises has a view to partner with small and medium size businesses to assist them to achieve their highest potential. Our approach is relationally based from over 20 years of experience offering a wide range of business services in accounting and finance, taxation, process design and development, risk management, sales and marketing (including strategic web solutions).

Company Name: Energy Connections NSW

Industry: Energy
Activity: Gas & Electricity connections
Contact Name: Narelle Pritchard
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 595 739
Website: www.ecnsw.com.au

About Us:
ECNSW is the leader in providing gas & electricity connections to the majority of the state’s builders plumbers and electricians, whilst still providing a personal service to individual consumers wanting to connect natural gas or set there electricity connection up (NMI number retrieval/allocation).

Company Name: Fresh Living Strata Solutions

Industry: Cleaning
Contact Name: Patrick Cini
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9863 5588
Website: www.freshliving.com.au

Online Brochure: Click here

About Us:

Fresh Living Strata Solutions is 100% strata focused and has been provinding Strata Cleaning, Lawn & Garden Care, Bin Out/In & Washing Services – since 1976.

Company Name: Gosford Quarries

Industry: Building and Landscaping
Activity: Sandstone suppliers
Contact Name: Pauline
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 8585 8282
Website: www.gosfordquarries.com.au
Online Brochure: Click here

About us:
Gosford Quarries is one of Australia’s oldest and largest suppliers of 100% natural Australian Sandstone. We supply sandstone to any scale project from residential, commercial and landscape to heritage and government projects.
We specialise in cladding, paving, landscaping materials, heritage restoration, feature walls, retaining walls, profiling and carving.
We are the most trusted and specified supplier of Australian sandstone in the country with over 90 years of experience in the stone industry.
Call us for a free competitive quote 02 8585 8282

Company Name: Induction Group

Industry: Engineering
Activity: Slip Resistance Testing and Compliance Reporting with Engineering Authority, other technical engineering assessments, building services
Contact Name: Cassandra Sullivan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 239 644
Website: www.inductiongroup.com.au
Online Brochure: The Difference between Compliance Reporting and Test (Data) Reports

About us:
Induction Group provides complete slip resistance testing and compliance evaluations with Engineering Authority for interpretation of Australian standards and codes.

We also offer a secure Client Extranet to store all reports and any other relevant information, with a free App so that clients can access the info on-the-go yet securely from anywhere; legal reports and expert witness services also available.

Additional services are as follows:

  • Engineering Consultancy (Materials, Structural): Technical, condition and compliance assessments, advice
  • Building & Maintenance Services: Building and Carpentry Works, Painting, Restoration, High Pressure Water Cleaning, Floor remediation
  • Signage – all types: graphic & industrial design, manufacture/fabrication, installation

General and signage-specific Capability Statements overviewing our offerings, capabilities, experience and competence are available upon request.

Company Name: Katzbergin Loss Adjusters

Industry: Insurance
Activity: Loss adjusters and consulting serviced
Contact Name: Simon Katz
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 888 184
Website: www.katzbergin.com.au

About us:
We are specialist strata insurance loss adjusters. We understand the intricacies and challenges faced by the various stakeholders to a claim when a loss occurs. We find solutions and ease the process.

Company Name: LMI Group

Industry: Insurance
Activity: Claims Preparation
Contact Name: Allan Manning
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (03) 9835 9900
Website: www.lmigroup.com

About Us:
LMI Group are loss management, risk assessment and technical advisers for the Insurance industry and wider communities. LMI Group have an extensive range of services from claims assistance to Insurance Policy review and writing.

Company Name: MCG Quantity Surveyors

Industry: Building & Construction
Activity: Quantity Surveying
Contact Name: Marty Sadlier
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 795 170
Website: www.mcgqs.com.au
Online Brochure: Click here

About Us:
MCG Quantity Surveyors specialise in traditional construction cost estimating and the preparation of property depreciation schedules. We pride ourselves on accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. We offer a premium service that is cost effective and tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

Company Name: Romeo Property Valuers

Industry: Property Valuation and Consultancy
Activity: Property Valuers who cover all categories of property including Residential, Rural, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Strata, Common Property and Special Purpose Valuations
Contact Name: Vincent Romeo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9712 0260
Website: www.romeopropertyvaluers.com.au

About Us:
The Director of Romeo Property Valuers (Vincent Romeo) sits on the board of the Australian Valuers Institute and has legal and property accreditations. Together me and my team pride ourselves on providing comprehensive property analysis. Combined, we have a thorough knowledge of the property market in New South Wales and are constantly studying trends in the market in order to ensure that your valuation is precise. We cover call categories of property including Residential, Rural, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Strata, Common Property and Special Purpose Valuations

Our client pool includes solicitors, accountants, conveyancers, property developers, real estate agents, corporations and individuals alike, all of whom are provided a broad spectrum of valuation, research, advisory and consultancy services. Our portfolio consists of a plethora of properties of different types including major development projects, corporate and government portfolios, residential, commercial, industrial, retail and rural.

Company Name: Skill Master Motorcycle Services

Industry: Training
Activity: Motorcycle Rider Training
Contact Name: Paul Riley
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0414 974 815
Website: www.skillmaster.com.au

About Us:
Motorcycle use is increasing rapidly and with this comes the potential for increased risk to riders. Skill Master was begun to provide rider training enhancements from years of experience working as a motorcycle paramedic. Skills developed can be shown to reduce risk and improve skill level and enjoyment.

Company Name: Test Slip Australia Pty Ltd

Industry: Cleaning
Activity: Slip Test
Contact Name: Clark Ahearn
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 8205 7589
Website: www.attar.com.au

About Us:
Test Slip Australia specialises in slip testing and reporting services which adhere to Australian Standards and NATA accreditation. Our independent services are used by private, government and commercial sectors.

Company Name: Turnbull Bowles Lawyers

Industry: Legal
Activity: Strata, Building & Construction Law
Contact Name: Jonathon Idas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 8272 1999
Website: www.turnbullbowles.com.au

About Us:
Turrnbull Bowles Lawyers are Strata, Building and Construction Law Experts providing practical advice to Strata Managers, Builders, Developers, and Lot Owners.