Property Surveys

At CRM Brokers, we know how important it is to have accurate information on the property you are insuring. We can conduct risk insurance property surveys and map a property showing its boundaries, structure and other physical features.


The main objective of our property survey service is to make sure the Owners Corporation (on behalf of the landlord) has up-to-date information about the property and has insured the building for the correct value, should a claim occur. This information can prevent the Owners Corporation from over-insuring the property and paying an unnecessarily high premium. More importantly however it will ensure the building is not under-insured. The Strata Schemes Management Act stipulates that a building replacement cost estimate is required every 5 years.


Our surveys include comprehensive information, including:

  • Building Insurance Valuations for all types of properties, from small residential (house and units) to commercial and industrial properties
  • Risk Surveys
  • Dilapidation Report for both residential and commercial buildings to help satisfy the conditions for the DA approval
  • Due Diligence Report, to help identify potential risks and liabilities, whether you are purchasing or selling a property.

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