Strata Insurance

CRM Brokers’ Strata division engages specialist strata brokers whose main function is to deal solely with all things strata. Our in-house Claims team ensures we provide accurate assessments when discussing claims and potential issues with insurers.

We are mindful of the fact that the Owners Corporations’ premium is one of the major expenses for a strata, however this should not be isolated as a sole factor when considering the placement of cover with an insurer. The importance of having claims paid when most needed; i.e. the speed at which a claim is assessed and approved; the policy wording to accompany a claim, are additional factors that must be taken into account during the broking process.


CRM Brokers has tailored solutions for all Strata Insurance needs.

Strata Managers

Lot Owners & Strata Committees

Our goal is to ensure we keep on top of an ever-changing market by seeking the best available terms at each renewal and to provide prompt service when most required. No placement is too difficult. No claim is too cumbersome.

CRM Brokers is a Strata Community Australia (NSW) Strata Services Specialist Company, having proven a sound knowledge and commitment to working within strata schemes, community schemes and company title buildings.

Strata Managers

At CRM Brokers, we pride ourselves on our ability to broker high quality, well-priced strata insurance proposals on behalf of our valued Strata Manager clients. With our local industry-specific knowledge, we are confident that the quality and breadth of our experience will allow us to meet all your strata insurance needs.


Our proposal packages for either Residential & Commercial or Community Associations, combine excellent coverage with market-competitive rates.

Residential & Commercial Strata

Residential & Commercial Strata plans consist mainly of the following policies, covering a wide range of risks:

•  Buildings & common contents

•  Catastrophe

•  Fidelity guarantee

•  Government audit costs

•  Liability

•  Lot owners fixtures and improvements (per lot)

•  Machinery breakdown

•  Office bearers liability

•  Voluntary workers personal accident

•  Workers compensation

Community Associations

We provide a specialised package cover for owners of houses which are rented on a full-time basis as domestic residences. It covers:

•  Catastrophe (lot owners homes & lot owners commercial building)

•  Fidelity guarantee

•  Government audit costs and legal expenses

•  Insured property (lot owners homes & lot owners commercial)

•  Legal liability (lot owners homes & lot owners commercial buildings)

•  Machinery breakdown (lot owners homes & lot owners commercial buildings)

•  Office bearers liability

•  Voluntary workers

•  Workers compensation

Claims & Emergency Contacts