Insurance Broking

CRM Brokers offers tailored insurance broking services to medium and large corporations. CRM Brokers can assist you in forecasting the losses facing your organisation and help you to design an optimal insurance or reinsurance programme for your organisation.


Our team of experts can help you with:

  • Insurance/Risk Programme Placement & Design
  • Recommendations on programme structure, deductibles and limits
  • Preparation of market presentations
  • Underwriting surveys
  • Agreement of possible markets
  • Review of market security
  • Developing special policy wording and industry
  • Specific “schemes” and facilities.


We know that every organisation has a different risk appetite. There is not one solution suitable for all. Knowing the right amount of risk to retain promotes financial efficiency. Knowing the right amount of risk to insure prevents financial damage to your organisation. We are committed to help you find the most appropriate insurance programme and offer you alternative personalised advices and services.

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