Electrical Testing & Assessment

Our detailed electrical testing & assessing process provides you with clear identification in respect of “Cause of Loss” enabling us to determine the expected response of the policy, and to apply any limits, or sub‐limits of indemnity as defined in the Schedule of Insurance.  All of the specialists in our network are qualified engineers, in a Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Medical, Telecommunications, Hardware, Software, and Networking field.


Our Schedule of Services include:

  • Electrical Infrastructures – Industrial, Commercial & Domestic
  • High Voltage Equipment
  • Electric Motors – Including Fusion, Power Surge, Brown-Out, and Breakdown.
  • Lifts, Elevators & Travelators
  • Agricultural Plant & Machinery
  • Refrigeration Systems – Including Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners & Commercial Cool Rooms
  • Scientific Equipment, X‐Ray, Radiological, Surgical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment
  • Telecommunication Systems, Telephones, PABX & Satellite
  • Hospitality Systems – Point of Sale & Membership Rewards
  • Access Controls, Security Systems, Alarms, & Electronic Gates
  • Automated Homes – C-Bus, Crestron, etc.
  • Computer Hardware, Software, Networks & Licensing
  • Recovery of Data – Simple & Complex
  • Photographic processing systems – Including Mini Labs
  • Integrated Home Theatre Systems – Including Hi-Fi, DVD & Speakers
  • Office Equipment – Projectors, Photocopiers, Facsimiles, Scanners, Printers, Routers & Modems.

Other Services