Australians Urged To Apply Latest Software Update Amidst Ransomware Attacks

Australians Urged To Apply Latest Software Update Amidst Ransomware Attacks

Stay Smart Online issued a HIGH PRIORITY Alert on this matter on the 28th of June. The Alert includes simple steps that organisations (including small businesses) and home users can take to reduce their risk of being impacted by the ‘Petya’ ransomware.

Media is reporting the ransomware, called ‘Petya’, is spreading in the United States, Europe and Asia. Petya makes your computer or its files unusable unless you pay a fee (a ransom). There are emerging reports of Australian organisations being impacted. In particular, businesses, individuals and households who have not updated their Microsoft Windows software are potentially vulnerable to the virus.

Petya Ransomware

Petya – like all ransomware –is a type of malicious software (malware) that makes your computer or its files unusable unless you pay a fee (a ransom). Ransomware is one of the most frequent and damaging types of malware affecting people today. It can affect both individuals and organisations alike, and can impose significant costs – in both recovery and down time.

What to do now

There are very simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of your personal and business records being impacted by Petya ransomware. The top two steps are:

  • Immediately install the latest Windows updates for applications, software and operating systems. Note that updates are also available for Windows XP.
  • Confirm that backups are available and working – guidance on backups is available for businesses and individuals and households.


More information

Stay Smart Online warned about another ransomware type, WanaCry, on 13 May  and provided advice on how to protect yourself and your business on 15 May. Stay Smart Online has more information on ransomware for businesses and individuals and households, including further steps you can take to reduce your risk of being impacted.

The information provided here is of a general nature. Everyone’s circumstances are different. If you are unsure of the need for cyber insurance, feel free to speak to a CRM Broker. We can discuss your business operations in detail and determine whether it is critical to mitigate your risk through a cyber insurance policy.

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Partnership with Stay Smart Online

CRM Brokers are proud partners of Stay Smart Online, an Australian Government initiative designed to help everyone understand the risks and simple steps we can take to protect our personal and financial information online.

Stay Smart Online also provide a free Alert Service to explain recent online threats and how they can be managed. Small business users are provided with easy to understand online safety and security information and solutions to help protect their online safety a privacy.

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