Primary Sources of Data Breaches

Primary Sources of Data Breaches

Ponemon Institute conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy. Results from Ponemon’s “2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Australia” classified data breaches into three primary sources…


Malicious or criminal cyber attacks
Not only are malicious attacks the most widespread in Australia, they are the most costly to repair. Keeping Anti Virus software updated and having a strong password policy among employees can help ensure there are no weak links.


System Glitches
This includes application failures, inadvertent data dumps, logic errors in data transfer, identity or authentication failures (wrongful access), data recovery failures etc.


Human Error
One of the most startling facts from this Study is that almost one in three data breaches are caused by human error. Employee education is one of the best practices to prevent human error resulting in a data breach.

Simple measures to prevent becoming a statistic

As you can see from the nature of these sources, there is no way to completely prevent a data breach. There are however steps to minimise the likelihood of a breach as well as measures to ensure your business does not succumb to the cyber event.

  • Employee education on computer security regardless of their position should be a priority. If an employee has an email address they need to be able to clearly identify spam and related company reporting procedures. One of the easiest ways to ensure your staff are up to date with the latest scams, spam and internet threats is to subscribe to the Australian Government’s free Stay Smart Online Alert Service.
  • Keeping Anti Virus Software up to date and applying security patches to programs as soon as required will help reduce the number of glitches and exposures in your system.
  • Back up your business data regularly to a removable storage device such as a hard drive. This will help minimise down time after a cyber event.
  • Prepare an incident response plan in the event a breach occurs. This would include phoning the 24/7 Cyber Event response team if you take out CRM Brokers’ Cyber Event Insurance Policy.

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