24 Hour Emergency Mitigation and Restoration Service

Not all claims conveniently occur during business hours…

CRM Brokers has now integrated the specialist services of Excel Group Sydney to provide its clients with a 24 hour emergency mitigation and restoration service. With two decades of experience, Excel Group Sydney are prepared and equipped to handle:
  • Water Loss Recovery
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Storm/Catastrophe Mitigation
  • Contents/Stock Damage
If you experience any of the above (even after-hours), Excel Group Sydney is contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week on 1300 965 400 to attend to the matter as soon as possible. Their disaster recovery and restoration efforts focus on:
  • Immediate attendance to minimise the scale of the loss
  • Qualified technicians and comprehensively equipped service vehicles
  • Clear understanding of the cause and extent of damage
  • Innovative restoration methodology, technology and work systems. 


Dry Ice Cleaning

Excel Group Sydney use a revolutionary cleaning process called Dry Ice Blasting which uses small particles of dry ice to blast away surface contaminants. The unique benefit of this technology is that the blast media disappears on impact! Click below to see an example of this technique in action:


Dry ice blasting has many unique and superior benefits over traditional blasting media:

  • Reduction in cleaning time
  • It’s a non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-conductive cleaning method
  • It’s environmentally-friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media
  • It’s versatile and adaptable to many industries
  • It’s clean and approved for use in the food industry
  • Allows most items to be cleaned in-place without time consuming disassembly
  • Can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards
  • Can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms
  • Can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling
  • Can be used for many general cleaning applications It’s an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solution

For more information on Excel Group Sydney’s 24 hour emergency mitigation and restoration services, including their Dry Ice Cleaning techniques, please do not hesitate to contact CRM Brokers on 1300 880 494 or [email protected]

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