Professional Development: Wet Area Waterproofing

Professional Development: Wet Area Waterproofing

Code Requirements and Common Defects

Today we welcomed Mark Williamson of CRD Building Consultants & Engineers to our office to discuss common defects found with Wet Area Waterproofing with our claim and strata teams.

Waterproofing materials and techniques along with general building methods have change significantly over the past 30-40 years. This has resulted in a significant increase in the damage caused as a result of waterproof membrane failure. Something that everyone involved with Strata is only too familiar with.

Mark commented “It should be noted that the damage caused by a failed membrane will far out way the cost of doing it properly in the first place.”

At CRM Brokers, we encourage continued professional development within our teams to maintain and enhance each individual’s knowledge, expertise and competence in relevant fields. Look out for our next training session update.

A big ‘thank you’ also to Crawford’s for introducing Mark to us and organising this session. CRD Building Consultants & Engineers is a division of Crawford & Company that provides specialised building and engineering consultancy on a wide range of insurance building claims.

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