Contract Cleaners’ Placement for Insurance Brokers

Are you looking to place contract cleaners’ insurance?


Tired of Insurers entering and then leaving the market every few years, putting you and your client at risk?


Finding some premiums to be ridiculously out-of-whack with the rest of the market?


CRM Brokers has been wholesaling Public Liability insurance for the cleaning industry since 1999, offering consistency of premium and stability in security (seventeen years with the same local insurer).


We provide a unique insurance product to brokers catering to the needs of contract cleaners.
In addition to stand-alone Public Liability for Cleaners, we can also provide our “Cleaners’ Bucket Insurance Program” which mixes Public, Product and Professional Liability into an all-in-one package targeted to the unique needs of contract cleaners, from small to large businesses.


When added to the Public Liability insurance program, the unique package adds two further dimensions: Advertising Liability and Professional (Indemnity) Services.


And if you just want to add Professional Services to the Public Liability, we can do that also. Call us on 1300 880 494

Benefits of our facility

Reduces Gaps in Insurance Coverage

particularly where deemed Professional Services form part of the Cleaner’s contract

Low Cost Insurance Policy

due to there being one, combined policy.

Removes Potential Claims Handing Disputes

that would exist for example where liability and professional indemnity are placed with different Insurers.

Helps protect you as a Broker

in regards to the advice you provide, because you are offering your client a broader form of coverage.

Cover arranged through CRM Brokers includes…

Shopping Centre Cleaning^

Arcades & Mall cleaning



Specialist Cleaning e.g. Aiports & Mine sites

^preferred minimum turnover $250,000, 3 years retail cleaning experience, nil claims

If you are interested in accessing our program, click here to access the Cleaners Public Liability Questionnaire.


For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact CRM Brokers on 1300 880 494 or email us on [email protected].