There are many advantages of working at CRM Brokers. We value diversity, enabling our employees to be a part of the business.  As a team, CRM Brokers’ employees are able to work remotely while continuing to share knowledge, expertise and work collaboratively on new projects.




CRM Brokers views diversity as an opportunity – an opportunity to build a high-performing culture that makes us a leader in exploring better and new ways of doing business and that enables us to thrive in a competitive business environment.


CRM Brokers´ culture is one where all people feel they are welcome, they matter and they are a part of something that is important. This culture creates an environment where all employees´ abilities and energies are used fully.


As one of the most progressive insurance brokerages in Australia, CRM Brokers offers an almost unparalleled combination of extensive industry contacts, in-house expertise, forward-thinking innovation and comprehensive personal service. People are the backbone of CRM Brokers. Our employees are leaders in their fields. They bring extensive product knowledge, broad industry education and a dedication to thoughtful and innovative solutions. Diversity is a part of the way we work and achieve results.

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Working remotely


With regards to technology, we are seen as one of Australia’s leading brokers transacting business from city, suburban and country locations throughout Australia. Our Brokers and Staff can work online from locations throughout Australia utilising high speed internet in conjunction with networking software designed specifically for CRM Brokers. By refining this system, CRM Brokers has not limited its capacity to employ staff in specific locations, rather accessing some of Australia’s leading risk management and insurance broking experts, allowing them to work remotely. It’s also a reflection of the increasing realisation that remote working represents an opportunity to offer staff a better work/life balance. The soft benefits, such as increased productivity and the scope to employ staff who live out commuting range, are trickier to measure but are too often overlooked. Adoption of technologies that are highly supportive of remote working – such as high speed broadband and VOIP – is part of our strategy.

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