Landlords Insurance for Strata Properties

Landlords insurance provides cover for strata property owners who are renting out a unit/apartment/flat to tenants. It protects you and your investment property from any damage to the contents from events such as fire, flood or storms. It covers items such as carpets, light fixtures, built-in wardrobes and kitchen cupboards as well as loss of rent if the unit is unfit to be occupied. Additionally, it covers you and your investment property from malicious tenants who might vandalise your property or leave without paying the rent.

Suitable for: Landlords only

Contents Insurance for Strata Properties

Contents insurance provides cover for household and personal possessions such as clothing, jewellery, furniture, TV, computers, internal carpets, blinds and electrical appliances belonging to yourself and your family members. It covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household and personal possessions in the event of loss or damage.

Suitable for: Landlords and Tenants

Do I need Landlords Insurance if my building has Strata Insurance?

Yes, Residential Strata Insurance only covers for the building, common area contents and shared property. Landlord insurance protects you against loss or damage to your investment property. So you can continue to receive rent if you tenant defaults, departs or if your property is accidentally or maliciously damaged making it unfit to be occupied.

Do I need Contents Insurance if my building has Strata Insurance?

Yes, Residential Strata Insurance only provides general insurance cover for the building, common area contents and shared property. The cover provided by the Strata Building policy ends when you cross the threshold of your individual property. A separate Contents Insurance policy is required to protect your personal possessions.

About CHU Underwriting Agencies

CHU Underwriting Agencies is Australia’s first and largest strata insurance specialist, operating in every major State and looking after over 100,000 schemes nationally. CHU Landlords or Contents Insurance can be purchased quickly and easily, online 24/7.

How to Make a Claim

Making a claim on a Landlords or Contents policy is easy with the CHUniverse app or click here to use the online claim form.

For more information

Who is Responsible for Repairs & Maintenance?

This document is suitable for Lot Owners with determining who is responsible for repairs and maintence – the Owner or the Owner’s Corporation.

This publication provides a list of items found within a building that could generally be considered common property. This document is a Guide only. To find information specific to your property we recommend you refer to the strata plan and by-laws or seek legal advice.