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CRM Brokers was established in 1999 and has since built a strong reputation in the provision of both brokerage services and risk management solutions for medium to large organisations. Both Directors of the company have in excess of 60 years combined experience in the insurance industry (having been established since the 80’s) with the company specialising in Residential and Commercial Strata, Community Association, Industrial Special Risks, Public Liability (hard to place), Professional Indemnity, Construction Insurance and Home Warranty.

CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 成立于1999年,迄今本公司在为中型及大型企业提供经纪服务以及风险管理解决方案的服务方面,已建立了良好的声誉。本公司两位董事在保险行业从业经历相加已有60余年(自上世纪80年代起) ,专注于提供商业住宅建筑保险、工业特殊风险保险、公众责任保险、职业责任保险、建筑工程保险以及房屋保修保险。

Whatever the size of your organisation you can benefit from our strong international network and worldwide resources. As specialists in the structuring of high quality tailored insurance packages, we cater for a wide range of different companies across a number of industries in China and Australia.


Our access to the London market enables us to effectively source all classes of insurance and reinsurance facilities. This broad choice approach ensures that we stay in touch with the overseas market, while remaining focused upon local needs.


No matter how high the level of risk, we can always help you find the most appropriate solution available. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and we recognise that. By taking an individual approach to every client we can ensure that you find the most effective insurance solution for your individual organisation.


CRM Brokers has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.



CRM经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 在悉尼、墨尔本都有办公室。

Steadfast Group

CRM Brokers is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand; the Steadfast Group.

CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 隶属于澳大利亚以及新西兰最大的保险经纪服务集团——坚定集团 (STEADFAST GROUP) 。

Comprised of over 300 brokerages spread across more than 700 offices, the Steadfast Group generated over $6.1 billion in sales in FY15. This scale gives Steadfast flexibility and influence when negotiating with major insurers on behalf of Steadfast brokers and results in us being able to provide our clients with access to multiple insurance companies, a broad range of products, competitive pricing and valuable advice.

坚定集团 (STEADFAST GROUP)由超过300多家经纪人业务公司组成,其拥有超过700多处的办公地点。在2015财年中,集团销售额超过了61亿澳元。这一规模让坚定(Steadfast)集团在代表旗下经纪人公司与大型保险公司谈判中能够拥有更多的弹性与影响力。这也使得本公司能够为我们的客户提供接触到众多保险公司的渠道,多样化的产品,极具竞争力的价格以及有价值的咨询建议。


Damien Coorey


Joseph Saad



Client Needs  客户需求

Our Client needs are paramount. We listen carefully, making certain that we fully understand their requirements and the challenges facing them. We strive to secure the optimum solution.


Exceptional Broking Skills 杰出的经纪技能

We are able to design insurance solutions which not only mitigate the risk exposure; they also answer the economic needs of our clients.


Partnership Approach 合作伙伴策略

We promote interaction between insureds and their insurers; thus improving communication and developing a mutual understanding of working practices.


Specialist Market Knowledge 专业市场认知

We are able to anticipate the demands of the market and ensure that our clients get the most appropriate arrangement.


Knowledge and Cross Class Capabilities 专业知识与跨领域能力

Our experience in dealing with the requirements of corporate entities and our understanding of the insurance issues faced by corporate management coupled with our knowledge of the potential pitfalls in the corporate programmes provided by others makes CRM Brokers the broker of choice.

Our technical expertise is harnessed to continuously deliver innovative solutions. Our service levels are exceptional, providing CRM Brokers with rock solid stability that is required to be a truly professional broker.

CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 是您经纪公司的明智之选,因为我们拥有大量应对不同公司要求的经验、对于公司管理层面临的保险抉择问题的深刻认识,以及对于其他经纪公司提供的保险方案的所存在的潜在危险的认知。



Committed to Excellence 追求卓越

We demand talent and are committed to excellence, drawing together hand-picked teams of specialists to respond to our clients’ every requirement. The depth, availability and consistency of the team are all crucial.


Open Advice 开放建议

We believe in a “no-nonsense” approach and are not afraid to provide difficult advice at the appropriate time.


Services Offered 提供的服务

Risk and Related Services 风险管理及相关服务

We know that every organisation has a different risk appetite. There is not one solution suitable for all. Knowing the right amount of risk to retain promotes financial efficiency. Knowing the right amount of risk to insure prevents financial damage to your organisation.


CRM Brokers, in conjunction with its Corporate partners (experienced investigators, engineers and Barristers) provides comprehensive contracts review, risk assessment and management services for the benefit of our clients.



CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 与其企业伙伴(包括经验丰富的市场调查员、工程师、建筑造价估量师以及专业律师) 一起为我们的客户提供全面的合同审核、风险评估与管理服务。

Initial review and assessment identify any key areas of weakness, significant risk exposure and potential adverse impact. This may require an effective risk management approach to meet the requirements of the insured’s business operations.


In addition to a thorough assessment of the insured’s exposure to a variety of risks, CRM Brokers through its Corporate partners provides a comprehensive contracts review service to ensure the insurance policy adequately covers the risks identified in the risk assessment phase.



除了彻底地评估被保险公司的各种风险敞口,CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers)与其企业伙伴一起提供全面的合同审核服务以确保保险合同充分涵盖了风险评估阶段辨识出的风险。

Apart from the main insurance contracts, other contractual issues impacting on legal and commercial liabilities arising from contractor and sub-contractor arrangements, can also be examined.


CRM Brokers will work closely with the insured’s in-house legal advisers and risk managers to ensure liability and exposure is realistically managed and contained across the whole range of contractual obligations.



CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 将与被保险公司内部的法律顾问和风险经理密切合作,以确保责任和风险敞口在整个合同义务范围内得到切实的管理和控制。

Claims Management 索赔管理

Effective and efficient claims management is a fundamental element of quality risk service, requiring close and ongoing interaction between all parties.


CRM Brokers has an enormous wealth of knowledge and a collaborative business environment, advising clients and exercising specialised skills in representing, handling and settling claims.


We take a dynamic and committed approach to handling clients’ claims, so when a claim occurs, we will work in a united effort to manage the claim handling process as efficiently as possible.



CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 拥有大量丰富的专业知识以及协作的商业环境,在为客户提供咨询服务的同时,我们在代理、处理以及解决索赔方面也会发挥我们专业的技能。



CRM Broking Solutions CRM 经纪业务解决方案

CRM Brokers is known for its innovative approach to Broking and Risk Management and its ability to develop schemes, whilst working with various Associations and Chambers of Commerce. A sample of our niche product offering includes:

CRM 经纪人 (CRM Brokers) 因其创新的经纪和风险管理方案以及与各种协会和商会合作开发方案的能力而闻名。我们的细分产品包括:

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